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"My Life Has Been A Magnificent Indulgence!"- Dick Van Dyke

For Those Small Little Things…

This blog is all about little indulgences of life. Whether we’re artists, or the kind of people who revel in the consumption of art, it’s often the small things that add that little bit of zest to our art – and essentially, our lives.

Do you find a certain type of music inspires you while you paint? Is there a secret ingredient you use in that perfect comfort recipe? What about your favorite snack to read with? How about a certain smell that invigorates your imagination? Or a certain place in nature where you always capture the perfect shot?

Some weeks members of my team will be sharing our own indulgences; other weeks we’ll hear from contributing artists, readers, foodies, etc. Check our blog every second week for a new indulgence, and by all means share your own, whether in a guest post or through a simple comment. We at Tempest & Jay can’t wait to hear from you!

…Not the Big, Heavy, Things.

This blog is not the place to share the kind of indulgences that are sexual, violent, racially tone-deaf, religious, political, or gender stereotyped. Please keep your contributions and comments PG and inviting for all.

This is also not the place for pushing a movement or personal agenda. (While these may be dear to your heart, and may inspire your art, please save these topics for your personal work!) If you are a guest who creates art with strong messages related to any of the things listed above, you may still include links to your work and a quick introductory paragraph of who you are and what you do, but these things should not be the basis for your post. Our team reserves the right to decline any content which does not fit the desired tone of this blog.

This is not the place for negativity, bullying, or profanity. Should these things be noticed in the comments, they will be deleted. Let’s keep it family-friendly, people! 

Not inspired by someone else’s indulgence? Find it silly? Too bad. Move on. We don’t do judgement on this page!

Do you want to share?

Have a little indulgence you’d like to share? We’d love to hear it! Email me at darci@tempestandjay.ca and let me know if you’d like me to spotlight you, or if you’d like to write the guest blog yourself.


If you have an indulgence you want to share, but don’t want to write a guest blog, then email me for a spotlight. Your email should include your indulgence, along with how or why you enjoy it; your favourite type of art to create or consume; and any links or other information you’d like to share. Once the request is received, I will be in touch to let you know what date your indulgence will be in the spotlight.

Guest Post

Want to write your own guest post? I’d love to hand over space on the blog for a week! Please email me to let me know what your indulgence is, and I’ll give you a date by which you can deliver your blog post via email. Shortly thereafter, if your blog post is approved, you will receive a notification when it goes live. Again, please be sure to include links to your work, website, and social media so our followers can find you!

Thanks for following the guidelines! Enjoy!  Join the Conversation Here

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