Tempest & Jay

The Once And Forgotten Thing

Written by J.J. Sutherland

Illustrations by RC-San

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Genre: Fantasy, Arthurian Fantasy

Ages: 13+

Viggo is a Saxon spy trapped behind enemy lines.

King Arthur’s forces will stop at nothing to make sure he doesn’t get home with the secret he stole, a secret that could destroy the King and turn the tides of war.

But Viggo isn’t worried.

He’ll do whatever it takes to outwit them all, even if it means impersonating an absent Druid scribe with the aid of his oddly-obliging wife.

Her help is an act of treason, for which Violet Demeray offers no reasons and asks nothing in return, arousing Viggo’s suspicions. But as soldiers tighten their grip on the village, Viggo and Violet become deeply embroiled in each other’s mysteries and forge a trust that defies the hatred of war.

When one lie changes the truth forever, Viggo is left to decide what his secret – and his freedom – is ultimately worth.

A Whimsical Story I Couldn’t Put Down

“This story drew me in from the very first page. I was immediately hooked and couldn’t put it down. While there are many Arthurian legend retellings, this one does something new. It imagines a new subplot to the familiar tale and reveals a secret part of the story few ever knew, and none ever told–a once and forgotten thing…”

A great book!!!!

“…This book is an adventure with twists, and turns. Will the secret end up in death, or prison for Viggo? You need to read the book to find out! I enjoyed reading this book!”

 Love Arthurian Retellings

“I love Arthurian tales. There’s something about that era that strikes a chord in me. There are many retellings out there but this one is different. All the characters are so well detailed that you find yourself deeply immersed in the story…”

 A story the whole family will enjoy.

“This book is Awesome!! The JJ Sutherland’s take on this storyline is a nice twist, and the way the writer implies without stating is very enjoyable to read and allow your imagination picture every scene. A big thumbs-up to Racheal Carl for the most beautiful artwork…”

 Fun Filled Fantasy

“JJ Sutherland wastes no time getting the ball rolling. Less than 10 pages in and we’ve got action. Viggo is already being chased by his enemies and needs to flee from them. The excitement in the pages keep both young and old wanting more…”

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