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The Publisher

My name is Darci Dobbs and I am a new publisher just starting out in the business. I am passionate about giving my best to the authors and characters I currently have the privilege of working with. As such, I will not be taking on new authors until my experience grows and my team expands.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t be seen! My blog is open to guests and I am actively looking to shine the spotlight on fellow artists. So check out our blog, and if you’d like to contact me for a guest post or spotlight, please use my website email:


The Editor

Marnie McLean is Tempest & Jay’s editor, and this publisher’s partner in crime. She has a flare for sentence structure, a strong understanding of punctuation, and a borderline obsession with the semi-colon.

Having experience as both a legal and fiction editor, and a genuine passion for the characters Tempest & Jay are ready to roll out, she’s the best editor a publisher could ask for.

Racheal Carl

Racheal, while not a full-time member of our team, is a free-lance artist who took on the challenge of illustrating our upcoming series.

Her work speaks for itself, and she’s left this publisher and our authors in absolute awe! Step into our gallery where we showcase her work and see how this artist helps bring our characters and stories to life.

Want to find Racheal? Follow the link:

RC-San | Facebook

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